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Welcome to Hunt Johnsen Designs, a world leader in surfing kayaks 


Hunt Johnsen's Designs continue to lead the way with his one-of-a-kind, rudder-steered, sit-on-top surfing kayaks (Surfing Surfskis). Light, strong, fast, and responsive, the combination of added waterline and displacement bow allows for excellent tracking and unparalleled wave-catching ability. Composite hand-built in fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar, or mahogany, the Wave Witch series of kayaks bring a whole new dimension to surfing.    

Half surfski, half surf kayak, the Wave Witch paddles faster than a waveski and is more durable and maneuverable than a conventional surfski. Excellent for surfing, they can also be used for fishing and distance or fitness paddling when wave conditions are poor.  They are in a class all to themselves. 

Twenty years built and time-tested on the island of Oahu, the boats have been refined to become the standard surf kayak in the Hawaiian Islands.  Built to North Shore standards, the integrated steering is robust and the leash-attachment bombproof.  In all, the boats are unsinkable and tough. Hunt's Designs can now be found on the U.S. Mainland, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, and South America.  The four models in production cover every type of wave and rider.  Call us today for sizing and details.  Solid and multi-color options available.     

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